Barkham Village Residents Association

1.           Name of the Association

The name of the Association shall be The Barkham Village Residents Association.

2.           Objects and Aims

2.1.        The object of The Association shall be to preserve and enhance the character of the Parish of Barkham as a community.

2.2.        The aims shall be:

a)    to conserve the physical character and rural environment

b)    to provide an independent voice for the community

c)    to encourage involvement in Parish activities

d)    to promote the use of amenities within the Parish

e)    to foster communication between members of the community.

3.           Membership

Membership shall be open to all persons who share the objects and aims of the Association.

4.           Committee and Officers

4.1.        The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the General Committee of the Association.

4.2.        The General Committee shall consist of a minimum of six members and shall include the following officers:

Newsletter Editor;
Membership Secretary;
Social Committee Chairman.
Development Watch Coordinator.
Website & IT Manager

Members of the Association may offer themselves for election for any of the officers’ posts at an AGM.   Applications should reach the Chairman 21 days before the date of an AGM.  

Before any General Meetings are regarded as valid, the minimum number of people to form a quorum will be:

The Chairman (or a Deputy Chairman nominated by the Chairman):
The Secretary (or a nominated deputy);
Plus three other members.

4.3.        The General Committee may appoint sub-committees for such purposes as it deems appropriate.

4.4.        An Honorary Auditor will be appointed by the General Committee for the purpose of auditing the accounts. (Ref 5.6)

4.5.        The General Committee may co-opt members onto the General Committee or sub-committees.

4.6.        The General Committee will have powers to appoint ex-officio members as necessary.

5.           Finances

5.1.        The annual subscription for each calendar year shall be determined by the Committee and approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority vote.

5.2.        Individuals within the same household shall have the privilege of membership.

5.3.        The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account relating to the finances of the Association.

5.4.        The financial year for the BVRA shall be from 1st October until 30th September

5.5.        The Honorary Auditor shall audit the accounts for presentation to the Annual General Meeting by the Treasurer.

5.6         The Honorary Auditor shall be voted in post, annually at the Annual general Meeting.

5.7.        In the event of the dissolution of the Barkham Village Residents Association the net assets of the Association remaining at the date of dissolution of the Association shall be given to the Barkham Parish Council to be used to the benefit of the Parish.

6.           General Meetings

6.1.        A General Meeting of the Association shall be summoned by the General Committee.  Such notice to be given to members at least 21 days prior to the meeting.

6.2.        An Annual General Meeting shall be held during October or November of each year.

6.3.        At any General Meeting of the Association every adult member of the Association shall be entitled to be present and entitled to vote upon every question asked.  The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote in cases of equality of voting.

Version 4.0
Adopted 14th November 2020
Signed by Chairman, Alan Dixon via email (covid-19 restrictions)

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